Hanh Nguyen Photography

About Hanh

If Hanh Nguyen's work could be summed up in one word that encompasses her work with both scenery and people she meets on assignment, it's "character". With only light, lens and a bit of luck, she is able to tell a story about a person or a place that draws in the viewer and describes the subject not as mere decoration, but as a unique and often haunting character,  brimming with history and potential. To understand character in this depth, you must have at least a little of your own - and Hanh does. After earning a degree in history at UC Berkeley, she funneled her urge to help people into non-profit work, taking every opportunity to travel and understand the world around her. Along the way, she found that her passion for photography was also a way to share the beauty she encountered at every turn and bring relevance to the people and places she met along the way. Hanh Nguyen lives in Oakland with her husband and dog. When you give her a call, don't be surprised to find the woman on the other end climbing in Yosemite, cycling through Laos, or kitesurfing in Brazil.